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About Violet Design

The company engineered in providing Creative Innovations through Dynamic Visual Feel, Attention to Detail, and Flawless Execution. We are here to provide solution for your dynamic office and home environment wherein classic blends with individuality. We intend to translate our Design approach through innovation design, attention to detail, and supreme knowledge of interior finishes, furniture and lighting, coupled with the skills of the expert craftsmen we work with to create an exclusive product.

We at Violet Design – Luxury Interior Designs :

Realize the impact of Design Concept through to successful completion, in the evolution of your home and office interiors. Our Mission is to develop a Productive Relationship with your business to serve you to create a cozy home and vibrant office interiors. -Started primarily as Interior Architecture and Design organization, involved primarily in the area of the providing expertise to innovate and renovate home and office spaces for Indian and International Clients with projects.-Have streamlined our processes to handle time-consuming task of creating an exclusive product for our client. We give shape to the latest In innovation and technology into our processes to create a visual feel..

Violet Design – Luxury Interior Designs Process Methodology

Redesign of the hose or office following initial brief from the clients.-Submission of drawings for planning and listed building consent approvals.-Negotiation and Appointment of contractor.-On-site supervision.-Management of contract.-Design of bespoke furniture and alighting throughout.-Procurement and delivery of all finishes such as windows and joinery, all floor finishes, wall finishes, bespoke doors, ironmongery.-Procurement, delivery and installation of all furniture, lighting and soft furnishing.-Handover of house to clients.

Partnering with us is a continuous process. Even after our client’s requirements are met. Will always be ready with advice on the latest in interiors and technology, to cater to your ever-changing needs.

At Violet Design-Luxury Interior Designs, our Mission is to integrate our Design Concept into the detailed layout to regain the prestige and elegance of the hose, office, building, and your building lobby.

Our intention is to bring grandeur of the outside to the interior and adapt the house, office, building, or your lobby to modern family or business living.
Delivering on our Corporate Mission “Your Partner for Luxurious Architectural and Interior Designs” At Violet Design-Luxury Interior Designs, “Your Partner for Luxurious Architectural and Interior Designs”At Violet Design-Luxury Interior Designs, Our clients feel we are a part of their organization.

We passionately work to deliver our Corporate Mission through all our Business Processes. We at Violet Design-Luxury Interior Design, intend to walk with our clients to build better homes and offices that reflect their innermost attitudes with utmost integrity and trust.

Our service will be a reflection of your need.

We also have the capacity to provide our service for our International Clients from countries like SUA, UK, Australia, Singapore, china, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa, Sri-Lanka, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and many other nations, who are intending to migrate permanently back to India or settle in those countries.

What makes Violet Design Unique ?

  • Violet Design creates dynamic interior with a subtle sense of glamour and a strong sense of individuality. Inspiring Architecture and Interior Design is collaborated through an intuitive approach and a passion for what we do.
  • Our unique team of design specialists have wide ranging experience of realizing high profile projects for discerning clients in India and worldwide, while some of the courtiers leading craftsmen produce our custom made bespoke joinery, furniture lighting and specialist finishes which are unique to each of our projects.
  • Innovative design, attention to detail, and an unparalleled knowledge of in interior finishes, furniture and lighting , coupled with the skills of the expert craftsmen we work with create an excellent product.
  • From design concept through to successful completion, Violet Design’s commitment to the professional management of our interior design projects places emphasis on well-thought-out planning and communication to ensure that every aspectof a project is carried through to our exacting standards.

Violet Design-Luxury Interior Designsis a vibrant and professional interior design company based in Mumbai. We specialize in creating Luxury interior. Violet design’s aim is to set the standard for innovative and Luxury interior design, expert craftsmanship, and professional execution of high and residential, hotel and restaurant projects worldwide.

Our Hope is to live our promise and set a mark in the world of Designing.
TRULY, “Our clients feel we are a part of their family”
We have the Experience to back You Up!!


We look forward partnering with you and your family and business partners to provide luxurious Interior architecture and designs.

We have a huge reservoir of highly successful and well-known current client and celebrities as well as our showcased work to bolster the confidence in hiring Violet Design-Luxury Interior Designs as per your need.

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